2017 Photo Gallery

Project # Required: Ukraine April 22, 2017. Photo courtesy of Wayne Crossen,



Container Project 17-02 to destination MIDES. Images needed.

Container Project 16-16 to DNSFFAA – photographs taken on March 8at the meeting held for the official delivery of the donation. Pictures provided by Francisco J. Wins, President and Ernesto J. Argenti, Secretary

Container 17-08 1- Loading of Half Fire-fighting Supplies and Half Medical Supplies
Shipment on March 18/17, arriving in Cebu on April 26/17.

April 9, 2017, Photos provided by Jun Tallo

RWH Loading on June 3, 2017- Thank our volunteers during our loading

Need Info

July 2017 – From the Rotary Club of Midtown Tarlac!

Photographs taken of the 40-foot container van from Rotary World Help upon arrival at Tarlac and unloading of the cargo at the warehouse. Distribution of these items started July 2017.