How Your Club Can Join


For an annual fee of $10 per member, your club can be a part of an organization that works with Rotary Clubs worldwide to “Help Communities Help Themselves”. By joining Rotary World Help, your club contributes towards every shipment.





The membership fee helps off-set administrative and procurement costs for Rotary World Help. Being a member helps a club meet the District objectives for International Service. Work parties such as pick-ups, sorting and shipment loading count as a make-up and are great fellowship builders for clubs.

Through Rotary World Help, a member club can sponsor all or part of a shipment of a 40’ container to a partnering Rotary club in another country. You do this by covering the shipping costs plus a contribution to Rotary World Help of $1,500.  The $1,500 administration fee per container helps Rotary World Help cover its administration costs, warehousing, pick-up and operation costs of its truck to gather the goods being shipped. The cost for non-member clubs is the shipping cost plus $1,500, and two year’s membership dues. Clubs can pay the full amount or split the cost with other clubs in Rotary World Help, or split the cost with the receiving club in another part of the world.

The estimated average replacement value of the goods being shipped in a container is $350,000. It is, also, estimated the lives of over 30,000 people are directly impacted by each container. It’s been said often “Rotary World Help is Rotary’s Best Bang For Your Buck”.