2016 Photo Gallery

Pictures from 17-01: Loading 1 million meals of dehydrated vegetables and Apple snacks for Love Guatemala

Pictures Care Of:  Judy Bergen, February 22, 2017

Project 16-16. Loading on Sat. December 3, 2016. Container to Montevideo, Uruguay. Sponsored by the Langley Central Rotary Club. Mainly Medical beds and other medical supplies.

Project 16-2. Photos of donated hospital equipment to Uruguay and the Rotarians from Rotary Club of Montevideo. Sent from RWH satellite operation in Summerside, PEI, Canada on June 2, 2016.

Project 16 – 7. Unloading Container in San Jose Abad Santos, a municipality in the province of Davao Occidental, Philippines –  May 14, 2016.


Project 16-8. Loading Container for Siquijor, Philippines on May 28, 2016. These Rotarians were referred to us by the Canadian Ambassador in Manila. Their island had been severely damaged by Typhoon Hyandia and they received little aid.  This will be the first of many containers sent.

Project 16-10. Loading a Container to Odessa, Ukraine. August 13, 2016. Kiev, Ukraine was where Rotary World Help started shipping goods 20 years ago. This was our 350th container!

Project 16-11. Loading Container to San Jose, Philippines. September 10, 2016.


Project 16 – 12. Loading Container for Siquijor, Philippines. August 27, 2016.

Project 16 – 12. Unloading Container in Siquijor, Philippines.

Project 16-13 to Odessa Ukraine – sponsored by the Rotary Club of Langley. November 10, 2016.

Project 16-14 – Live loading at K Bro Linens. Charles loaded all 36 Pallets under an hour. These will be delivered to several hospitals, senior homes and orphanages thru out the Ukraine.  November 12, 2016.

Project 16-19 – Loading for container to Kenya on October 22, 2016.

The Story of The Chicken Lady and The Chief!

Photos of Rotarian Bonnie meeting a Kukuyu chief about four hours north of Nairobi way in the country.  He had two shambas and two wives, but was unable  to venture between his two farms (and ladies) until Tom Musili (Computers for Schools Kenyan contact and container recipient) brought him a Rotary World Help walkers and showed him how to use it. Bonnie visited the chief to take him another walker and pick up the current model for some repair.  He had literally worn out the wheels!  First the wife on the shamba visited realized Bonnie represented Rotary World Help where the walker had come from and decided she must have the fattest chicken in the yard, and nothing less!  Then the old man twigged and he decided that Rotarian Bonnie must have the two most fattest chickens, and nothing less!

“You know, often we are broadly aware that our efforts help others but rarely does it hit us that often our gifts have a truly personal meaning.  This was one such time.” – Bonnie Sutherland

 Miscellaneous Pictures: