How to Obtain Aid

Procedure to Obtain Humanitarian Aid

Rotary World Help (RWH) is an all volunteer registered non-profit society with no payroll and extremely low administration expenses. It gathers, sorts, records, and ships in 20′ or 40′ containers medical, dental, optical, educational, sports and disaster relief goods to third world countries where people are in need.











All costs are paid by Rotary clubs directly and indirectly and all goods are normally shipped Rotary Club to Rotary Club to ensure the beneficiaries of the aid receive the goods.

Our only criteria for aid is NEED.



  • Sponsoring Rotary Club: must be a member club of Rotary World Help. They are responsible to ensure all of the funds required are available before the container is shipped. If a matching grant is used they are responsible to ensure all of Rotary International forms are completed and filed.
  • Recipient Rotary Club: Is in a country other than Canada and agrees to oversee the receipt of the container.
  • While receiving clubs are expected to contribute some of the costs to shipping according to their ability to pay, the sending club is responsible for shipping to the major port within the receiving country. The receiving club is responsible for transportation costs of moving the goods from the port of entry to the ultimate consignee and in addition the receiving club is responsible for any brokerage fees incurred in clearing customs in their country.