Costs of Shipping a Container

Normally the Sponsoring and Receiving Clubs are responsible for paying all of the shipping costs. District and Global grants may now be applied for to cover part of the shipping costs. For more information about District and Global grants, please visit:

Once the aid and shipment are approved the sponsoring club, if a Rotary World Help member, must submit a cheque for the full cost of the shipment. If the sponsoring club is not a member, they must join and pay the current and next years’ dues, plus the full cost of the shipment. In addition to the cost of shipping, a $1500.00 CDN administration fee is payable to Rotary World Help. This fee goes towards covering Rotary World Help’s operating costs such as warehousing, truck operating and other minor expenses.

Its important to note, Rotary World Help only pays for the costs from their warehouse to the port of entry in the receiving country. The cost of brokerage for entering the country and the costs of transporting the goods from the port of entry to the end user is the responsibility of the receiving Rotary Club. However, the sponsoring club may agree to pay the cost from port of entry to the final destination within the receiving country.