Request for Aid Form

Please fill out the form below and at the end of the form click submit, and your form will be send directly to the Shipping Manager. The form will then be reviewed to ensure it is complete. It will then be forwarded to the Rotary World Help Board of Directors for their approval. Once this is given, you will be advised of your acceptance. Three final shipping quotes will be obtained, the sponsoring club will put the finances together and a tentative loading and shipping date will be arranged.

Note: Loading dates are subject to goods being available and booking for shipping being available. 


The shipment consignee is responsible for any and all duties, taxes, fees or any other payment whatsoever, that may be levied. The shipment Consignee will also be responsible for any demurrage charges if the container is held up once it has entered the country. With this request for aid form the consignee certifies that the consignee organization is entitled to receive humanitarian cargo free of all important charges, taxes, custom duties and fees.

The Shipment Consignee also acknowledges they are responsible for any and all transportation costs from the port of entry to the goods’ ultimate destination in their country (unless prearranged with the sponsoring club).

Please complete this form in ENGLISH only, no other languages are accepted.

There is not a paper version of this form, it must be completed online.

Complete the input boxes in each PART, there are PARTS A to G . If you don’t have the details necessary to complete the entire PART, leave those input boxes empty.

You will need to click “NEXT” after completing as much as possible in each PART of this form.

It is not possible to save each PART separately and return to add additional details at a later time. Click “Submit” on the last PART once you have entered as many details as you are able to.

Once submitted the completed form is automatically received by Rotary World Help.